Residential Conveyancing fees

To assist you as a general guide please would you find examples of our legal fees in recent transactions below. These fees are examples and are for guidance only. Each person and transaction deserve individual consideration depending on a variety of points. Please would you contact the office directly for a bespoke quotation. Please would you also note the additional conveyancing charges after the examples:

Example 1

For a freehold purchase in Bridgend with a purchase price of £169,950 our legal fee for the legal conveyancing fee was £450 plus VAT of £90.

Example 2

 Our legal fees on a sale of a freehold property being sold for £284,995 were £495 plus VAT of £99.

Example 3

Where we regularly act on the same site for new build properties we are able to offer our clients a discounted fee. Our legal fees when we acted on a new build freehold property being purchased for £166,996 were £345 plus VAT of £69.

Example 4

Our legal fees for a purchase of a freehold property for £350,000 were £525 plus VAT of £105.

Example 5

Our legal fees for a purchase of a leasehold property in London for £425,000 including dealing with a share of freehold were £1234 plus VAT of £249.

Example 6

Our legal fees for a leasehold property purchase for £550,000 in London were £1195 plus VAT of £239 to take account of the extent of documentation to be reviewed including dealing with the management pack accounted for the higher fee. Our client initially chose a cheaper online conveyancer attracted by the low cost fees, however, during the middle of the purchase they switched to us to ensure that their expectations were met.

Example 7

Our legal fees on a complex purchase of a freehold property being purchased for £1.5million with numerous title defects to resolve and additional legal advice amounted to £3615 plus VAT of £723.

Typical Additional Conveyancing Charges on a purchase*

In addition to the legal fees specified above the additional costs apply:

Basic Search package from £125

Mining Search (if required depending on the area) £47.90

Land registry search £3.00 plus VAT of 60p

Land Charges search £2 per name plus VAT of 40p

Telegraphic transfer admin fee £42

Land Registry registration fee depending on the price or value of the property and whether we are able to do an electronic submission starting from £20

ID check £12

Lawyercheck to check the identity and legitimacy of the firm of solicitors acting for the seller £19.30

Land Transaction Tax and Stamp Duty Land Tax (depending on price of the property and your circumstances)

Land transaction tax in Wales

Stamp Duty Land Tax in England

Additional Searches on a purchase

There may be additional searches that we would recommend based on the nature of the transaction and area and we would be happy to discuss your bespoke requirements with you for example

  • Company search (if purchasing from a company) £15.00
  • Flooding £30
  • Ground stability £24
  • Commons £12
  • Chancelcheck £24

Additional costs on a sale

  • Office copy of your deeds £6 per title
  • Copy of lease variable from £5
  • Telegraphic transfer bank fee £42
  • Administrative fee to redeem an existing charge  £60

*These prices are for guidance only and the prices indicated above may increase or decrease in accordance with changes made by the land registry, HMRC, WRA, search providers, statutory bodies. If it is not possible to carry out electronic registration with the land registry then the fee quoted above will be higher. If your mortgage lender will not allow us to use our own search provider then this will result in an increased cost for the search package and will be dependent on the price set by the local authority. We will confirm the exact fees and costs in our client care letter and notify you as soon as possible for any changes. Please would you note that there are different rules for England and Wales regarding stamp duty land tax and land transaction tax and the tax payable will vary depending on your circumstances. We do not accept any responsibility for any errors by online calculators. Our clients should check the exact amount of stamp duty land tax in England and land transaction tax in Wales directly with our firm. All prices are inclusive of VAT unless stated otherwise. Please would you contact the office for the exact prices

Legal Fees for Re-mortgage

Our fees are assessed on a case by case basis and dependent on the mortgage lender’s requirements and level of paperwork involved.

Our legal fees start at £350 plus VAT and in addition there will be additional costs of land registry registration fee (depending on the amount of the loan), search (from £54) or search insurance depending on the mortgage lender’s requirements starting at £14 for a loan up to £100,000. We will also need to obtain copies of your deeds starting at £6.

Legal Fees Transfer of Equity

Our legal fees start at £500 plus VAT but can increase depending on a variety of factors such as whether land transaction tax or stamp duty land tax is payable, whether a mortgage lender is involved. In addition the costs set out above relating to a re-mortgage may apply.

Legal fees for Wills

The cost of a will starts from £175 plus Vat for a single will or from £275 plus Vat for a mirror (for example when we draw up similar wills for spouses).

Legal Fees for Probate

The cost of obtaining probate varies. Unlike most banks and other financial institutions, we do not charge a percentage of the value of the estate which can be as high as 3%. Instead we assess each case individually and calculate the fee in accordance with the amount of work which needs to be carried out as we consider this to be a fairer method of charging.  The cost of obtaining the Grant of Probate or Letters of Administration starts at £500 + VAT and the current Court fee.  Please contact us with details of the estate if you would like a quotation.

Legal Fees for Power of Attorney

The cost of each Lasting Power of Attorney is £350.00 plus Vat.  In addition a Court fee is payable and this is currently £82.00.

Legal fees for Court of Protection Applications

Applying to the Court of Protection for Deputyship is a very procedural and complicated process and can be a traumatic time for all involved.  It will be difficult and impossible to deal with any assets held in the name of the incapacitated person as authorities would only deal with that person, unless there is a deputyship in place.  We can advise you and prepare the applications in the Court.  The cost starts from £1,500.00 plus VAT together with the court fee which is currently £385.00.